Classic Car Round Up for February 17, 2015 (Videos and Photos)

We’ve got 3 links for you today with must-see videos and pictures for any automobile lover.

Jim Rogers’ Collection

First we’ll take you over to Las Vegas Review-Journal for a glimpse of Jim Rogers’ impressive collection of nearly 300 cars ranging from a 1915 Ford Model T to a 2012 Fisker Karma Sedan. Next time you’re in Vegas, check out the Rogers’ Classic Car Museum. The cars will be auctioned off on Feb. 27 and 28, with the proceeds going to The Rogers Foundation. Rogers passed away last June, but his charitable works go on.

You can see the video at

Roger Baillon’s Collection

Next, head on over to CNN’s website to get a look at 60 antique luxury cars in France, most of which were collected by Roger Baillon, the noted entrepreneur, inventor, and car enthusiast. The cars, neglected, rusted and in desperate need of restoration are still worth over $20 million.

Watch the video at

The Living Legends of Auto Racing Beachside Parade

To wrap things up, check out The Daytona Beach News-Journal’s article and photo gallery from the Living Legends of Auto Racing Beachside Parade. Looks like they had great weather for a terrific parade.

You can see the 10-image gallery at

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